AffiloTheme Review

AffiloTheme By Mark Ling…

Why We Like AffiloTheme:

A few reasons… First it’s from Mark Ling, who has proven himself to be one of the “good guys” in the IM space and has spawned many really unbelievable success stories, so based on that the program should be great. Second, the features that come with this program are truly awesome for internet marketers. Whether you do affiliate stuff like what Mark teaches or not, we all need more opt ins, better conversions and more love from the SERPs. And this theme is loaded with unique features to get the job done. Finally, users get the highest level of training and support for Mark and his team so that you will be sure to get the most out of this really cool tool.

Any Problems With AffiloTheme?

Like with any WordPress theme, there may be bugs down the line. That hasn’t happened yet, and it wouldn’t be Mark’s fault, but just like with any theme issues can arise. Heck, this site here is using Thesis and even that screws up once in awhile… Other than that, no problems to interfere with giving AffiloTheme a 5 Star Rating!

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