App Dev Empire For The Android Review

Facts about the new App Dev Empire For The Android Training Course…

This is, for all practical purposes *the* training course for those wishing to get into the app building biz. Basically what you get is access to step by step instructional videos that walk you through every step of building your very first Android app.

Some people may feel a bit intimidated about the prospect of building an app if the don’t have a programming background. I know that’s how I used to feel… I use to be impressed when people told me they were building apps because I thought it was really technical and complicated. Turns out, it’s not.

I’m not going to explain exactly what every video shows you, as that information is provided on the App dev Empire website, but what I can tell you is that they did a nice job on this. It’s comprehensive and answers pretty much every imaginable question thatr anyone might have on how to build a killer app for the Android.

Is Building Android Apps A Good Idea?

Only if you like making money. Yeah, Android is crushing right now… 72% of the smartphone market last quarter, so that’s a lot of peeps out there with Android devices looking to download apps.


The price for App Dev Empire For The Android is shockingly low… I don’t know if this really is because they just launched this or what, but it’s practically free, so if you have any interest is developing profitable Android apps I’d recommend snatching up a copy stat. Click Here for instant access to App Dev Empire For The Android

Here’s the video if you missed it… not sure why pregnant women need to leave the room?