The Scoop On Blogging With John Chow

What is Blogging With John Chow?

As the name implies, Blogging with John Chow is a training program from John where he basically teaches those interested in setting up and running successful blogs how to do just that. If you’ve been around the so-called “blogosphere” much then you are probably familiar with chow who is well known for running a highly profitable blogging business that brings in, according to Chow, over 40K per month, which most would agree is not too shabby.

The course was designed to be helpful for bloggers at any level of experience, however there if you are already say at 10K+ a month you probably know a large portion of the info that you’ll get in this course… That said, there is stuff in here for just about everybody, and those just getting started and not yet earning a full time income online will undoubtedly get a thorough education on what they need to do to get set up and turning a profit…

Of course, that said there are no guarantees that you’ll make monet following John’s advice as some folks just can’t hack blogging/IM no matter how good an education they get. My personal opinion however is that one would have to be pretty darn disfunctional NOT to earn some good green listening to John (that’s just my opinion though!)

As far as what exactly the course covers… Pretty much everything having to do with setting up a blog, branding yourself, getting traffic, monetization etc… Not gonna name everything LOL! But it’s video training plus PDFs in a members area like any respectable IM course.


From what I said so far, you can probably tell that I think a lot of John and recommend his course. if you are just getting started, or kinda intermediate then this would probably be good for you. If you get it, my recommendation is to get started immediately really FOLLOW what John says to the letter… Most IMers/bloggers fail because they don’t have a proven system like this, or they get one and just don’t follow it because they get distracted. Here’s the link for Blogging With John Chow…

One caveat, if you are already pulling in 15K+ a month this may be a bit basic, in that case you might want to opt for coaching with me :)