Brad Callen’s AK Elite Kindle Software Review

What is Brad Callen’s AK Elite, and is it any good?

Well, by now you have surely heard about Kindle publishing and how easy it is to get a book published on the Kindle platform, right??

Well, not only is this is by far one of the best ways to get a ton of buyer leads into your funnel so that you can sell the more, higher priced products, but as it turns out you can generate a pretty nice little income stream just off the sales of Kindle books alone… So whatever you business model, this is a platform that cannot be ignored!

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Brad Callen’s program was designed to help people get books on Kindle fast and fully optimized so that they shoot to the top of the Kindle marketplace.

You might have heard from some other “kindle gurus” that you need to get a bunch of reviews and do all this other stuff you rank you Kindle books effectively, but the truth is that there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially on some “marketing forums” cough, cough, which will remain nameless.

As Callen points out you can rank for HUGE terms like “weight loss” in the kindle marketplace without a single review, and he shows you exactly what the real factors to ranking are… and then the software does 90% of the work for you!

Yeah, you still need to get a book written… But really it’s dirt cheap to get that outsourced, unless of course you really feel like writing :)

My Recommendation on AK Elite…

If you want to harness the power of Amazon (you do!) then this program is a NO BRAINER…

It’s the first ever software that gets your books ranking and (potentially) banking large, and it can even help you figure out what the hottest most lucrative niches are in case you need help with that…

After all, there’s really no sense in even being on Kindle if you aren’t ranking, because that’s when Amazon starts doing all the marketing work for you and sending your book tons of free traffic, and how sweet is that? SWEET!

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