Complete Currency Trader Review – The Most Advanced Forex Trading Course Ever?



What is the story on James Edward’s Complete Currency Trader Course All About?

Complete Currency Trader is a trading system, training course and trading software package put together by James Edward a successful Forex trader form the United Kingdom. Frankly, Edward’s course is completely different from any other Forex system I have ever reviewed.

I’ve reviewed several courses, EAs, systems etc… and while every one that I recommend CAN help you become more profitable at trading Forex (If used properly) none of them really provide the in depth training available in Edward’s course.

The very sad truth is that most people who try to trade Forex don’t understand how the market really operates, the can use a system for a while, and make some money, but they just can’t take it to the next level because the don’t truly “get it” the way that the 7,8,9 etc… digit traders do.

Edward’s course provides a Forex education very few will ever get the benefit of. So in my opinion, this is the most valuable aspect of the course, because with this one could potential use any software and be profitable.

However, the program also comes with a complete trading system, very useful risk mitigation strategies, a massive video training library that allows you to see how Edward uses his system in real time in real trades, A 6 phase trading process that breaks trading down into six specific objectives, and Edwards own analysis software (60K to build.)

Is Complete Currency Trader recommended?

Okay… This program isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Do you really think that you can become a seven figure (or more) Forex trader using a Forex robot you bough for $97? If so, I’ve got some land in Florida I’d like to talk to you about!