DotComSecrets X Review

Pertinent info on Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets X…

Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets X has quickly become one of the most celebrated internet marketing courses ever released. It is a really unique course for a couple of reasons… First is the fact that you can get started with the program and use it for a whole month for a single buck, yes a single buck… Yeah, crazy, I know. The idea is that it’s such a good program that after the first month you won’t even think twice about spending more money on DotComsecrets X because by then  you should be making good money with the program, and see that in time you will be able to scale your business.

The second cool thing is the fact that the program “drips” out a new piece of content every day to keep you on track. These are video lessons that basically teach you about what you are going to be doing that day to make money and then tell you exactly what to do.

Is DotComSecrets X a wise investment??

I’d say so, and here’s why… The thing I wanted most when I got started with internet marketing was a solid plan to follow so that i knew what I needed to be working on day to day. I didn’t have a plan like that, and as a result it took me quite a while to get up and running and making good money. So I’d say that a strict plan from a guy pulling 8 figures should definitely help speed things up – since he clearly knows first hand what it takes to make it online.

Second reason, it’s a buck to try… so that makes it a pretty obvious choice. Here’s the link to try it out!