Flip Siphon Pro Review


What the heck is a “Flip Siphon Pro”??

Wow these new products always have such cool and fancy names, don’t they :) Well, I kinda like the name Flip Siphon Pro, but that alone is not reason to recommend it to you, so let’s take a look at what this program is really all about. Basically, this is a training course that shows you how to find websites that are dirt cheap and scoop them up for pennies. Then you get them up and running,  making a steady little income stream and then you sell them for a profit. The main course is made up of video training modules as well as access to see exactly how the creators Mo Miah and Michael D. took a website that was making nothing up to making over nine hundred dollars and then they sold it for seven thousand smackers.

Honestly, I am not sure why they used that site as an example because 7k isn’t really that big a pay day, but I suppose they wanted to make it seem more believable for people who have never made any money online. After all if you tell a newbie about how you can sell a site for 100k it might make there head explode LOL!

There is also additional software available to easy the process of selecting winning sites to buy.

Are we recommending Flip Siphon Pro?

You bet your ass we are!

I can’t say that I am an expert domain flipper. But if I wasn’t so busy I would definitely get into this field as I know people are making a killing (like the guy I know who just sold a site for 6 figures…)

I’m not going to over hype this thing… but it is definitely the best looking course on this available at this low price. Plus the software looks like it really kicks butt.