Forex Striker Review

What is this new “Forex Striker” Forex trading robot all about?

Forex Striker is a brand new state -of-the-art Forex trading robot. Among other things, Forex Striker’s claim to fame is that it is the first ever Forex robot to actually hold a genuine USA patent.

Pretty much, if you are trading in the Forex market, and using an automated Forex trading solution, the you are already aware of what Forex Striker is, and you probably already grabbed a copy the first second that you had a chance…

If you don’t know all about Forex Striker already, chances are that you are just getting started with Forex trading… In that case here’s a basic explanation… In a nut shell, Forex Striker is an advanced, automated “robot” that trades for you. Basically, you download the software and install it on your computer. Then, it just runs on it’s own handling your trades for you, and adjusting to changes in the market in real time.

Do we recommend Forex Striker?

Forex Striker mops the floor with every other FX robot ever created. At the time of this review over 300 beta-testers have already used Forex Striker successfully and the stats are pretty unbelievable. On average, Forex Striker wins 8 trades in a row. It has a 7 year track record of success while it was being created and tested, and all of the statistics are verified by third part monitors.

If you are trading Forex this is a MUST HAVE for your arsenal. Here’s the link to grab your copy of Forex Striker…