Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite Review – Video Marketing On Steroids?

What is Joshua Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite all about?

If you are involved in internet marketing in anyway then you have undoubtedly heard all about Joshua Bartlett’s latest “drag-n-drop” video marketing solution Easy Video Suite. Basically, the ideas is that Easy Video Suite (or EVS for short) will provide you with a complete video marketing solution that allows you to record, convert, publish and track your videos using just one simple but insanely powerful program with a clean as can be interface. Sounds pretty killer, right? Well then on top of that, this thing is loaded with all kinds of extra features that anyone who works with video will flip out over. For example the analytics include the ability to track your video plays, viewer engagement, sales and social sharing and even do split tests… To explain all of the feature included would take thousands and thousands of words so I have instead opted to provide you with video walk thoughs of the program below that will explain most of the important features.

Is Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite recommended?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think that I could ever recommend a program to you more highly than I am recommending Josh Barlett’s EVS. If you have ever worked with online video, and if you are reading this I bet you have, then you know just how incredibly complicated, confusing and frustrating it can be. Not to mention the fact of just how many different programs you need to use in order to record, convert, publish and track a video… It’s not easy and all those programs can be buggy and expensive. Plus, with all the new devices like tablets, android phones, Kindles etc… it can be a big pain making sure that your videos are optimized correctly for all the different platforms that people are going to be viewing them on. Super big pain in the butt. EVS however instantly, with one click, creates multiple versions of your video and then automatically serves the viewer with the highest quality version of your video suitable for their device, sick.

Joshua Bartlett’s EVS is pretty much changing everything, and that’s not even an overstatement. If you don’t believe me, check out the videos below and take a gander at just what Easy Video Suite is capable of… Not only will it save a ton of time and headaches, but the cool virals sharing features, and animations are just too slick. Click Here for instant access to Joshua Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite… 

Oh yeah, and Josh is coming out with a IPhone and Android EVS App for everyone who gets Easy Video Suite that let’s you record, convert, and upload a video to your EVS dashboard right from your phone… nice work Josh Bartlett.