Josh Schultz’s Forex Profit Model Review

What is Josh Schultz’s Forex Profit Model, and how does it stack up against other systems for Forex Trading?

This is a complete system for trading that was designed by Josh Shultz. If you are unfamiliar with Josh he has been on the Forex scene for quite a while, he is a very successful full-time trader who has taught several hundred students. Josh charges 500 bucks an hour to teach people his system 1-on-1 which I guess is pretty standard to teach trading. Still kinda a bargain if you can use it to trade effectively day in and out.

Anyhow, Josh came out with the initial FMP program a while back and it sold out instantly. Prior to it’s release he showed a lot of live trades and proof of just how much dough he is making with it, so after that everybody wanted to give it a try.

This new re-release includes a sick automated trade finder calls “Forex Aviator” While in general I think so-called “Forex robots” basically suck and are unreliable, this is actually really cool as it monitors the market for you and alerts you when it finds a great trade based on the fundamentals of the FPM system.

You also get access to Josh’s “Trading Floor” which I cannot yet review for it, but based on the success of his former students I’d assume it would be pretty good.

Is FPM recommended?

If you are looking for a new system to use, Josh’s system is definitely worth a shot. It’s simple to use… The “Aviator” is probably the best automated solution available, and you get lot’s of ongoing community and support. That said, this system sold out IMMEDIATELY the first time it was released, so if you want in you should move on it now. Click here for instant access to Forex Profit Model…