Kindle Ritual Review

What is Brian Johnson’s Kindle Ritual?

Kindle Ritual is a new program from veteran internet marketer Brian Johnson that simplifies the process of publishing on Kindle. The program comes with proprietary software that makes writing and formatting your ebook ridiculously easy. It also has awesome tools for making sweet cover images and setting up your own “author website.”

In addition to the high tech features, Kindle Ritual comes with 7 video training modules each made up of many videos that walk you through the entire process of creating, publishing and successfully marketing Kindle ebooks.

Why we like Kindle Ritual… 

If you follow this Kindle publishing trend/phenomenon at all you know how big this thing is and you have probably seen all the other kindle training courses on the market. While we haven’t been impressed or recommended any of those, Kindle Ritual truly is awesome. The fact is that Brian Johnson is a best selling Kindle author, and the beautiful part is that he doesn’t need to publish a whole ton of crappy ebooks to get one best seller. His system allows you to pick the perfect niche that is proven to be popular on Kindle and then control everything from the design, to getting REAL (real is important…) reviews etc… Plus, the stuff he is doing with viral promotion on Facebook is amazing and is worth the price of the course alone.

So yeah… This is a killer Kindle training course. The best we’ve seen. You can get the special launch price here.