LinkedInfluence Review – How To Use LinkedIn Like An O.G.

What is LinkedInfluence, and how can it help my business?

To be honest, I ignored LinkedIn for a long time because I just didn’t see the value in it. After all compared to a hude social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is kind of dinky by comparison… However, that said if you are somebody who has also been ignoring LinkedIn, you’ll be surprised when you see what it can do for your business as explained by Linked Influence creator Lewis Howes. (You may also be interested in FBInfluence, a course on Facebook Marketing co-created by Howes.)

The reasons to be using LinkedIn are pretty straight forward… Not only are there over 160 million members, but unlike Facebook and other social media sites, the people on LinkedIn are business people. In fact, according to Howes nearly half of LinkedIn’s members are considered the major “decision makers” for their companies, so if you are in business, which i’ll assume you are if you are reading this, then these are the people you want to be connecting with whether you are looking to find partners, investors, or clients, these are the people who make things happen.

Howes course explains how to properly leverage LinkedIn so that you get the most out of it. After all time is mmoney and you don’t have the time to be sitting around trying to figure out how LinkedIn “works”… total time-suck… Instead, with  Linked Influence 2.0 you can learn everything you need to know in a few hours directly from the guy considered the leading expert on leveraging LinkedIn.

Is LinkedInfluence a recommended resource?

This is the preferred course available on LinkedIn, and the only course I am aware of by a real “LinkedIn expert”. If you are thinking about making a go of it on LinkedIn to get traffic, clents, or heck even a job, I’d recommend checking this course out. Click here for access to Linked Influence 2.0