Matt Callen’s Backlink Beast Review

What is Matt Callen’s Backlink Beast, and how can it help me with my SEO?

Backlink Beast is a new and extremely popular SEO tool that basically build a ton of links for you. It’s an automated solution so you don’t need to sit there making all kinds of links yourself, creating accounts on article sites, uploading articles with your links in them , and doing all that tedious back linking stuff that EVERYBODY hates doing…

The key selling points are the fact that:

A) It’s fully automated

B) It gives you a ton of backlink diversity, anchors, link types, sites, platforms etc…

C) You can drip feed your links to keep the link velocity all good.

D) It utilizes tiered linking.

E) It comes with comprehensive video training…

Plus it’s pretty inexpensive compared to a lot of the other SEO solutions out there. In fact a lifetime subscription costs a lot less than one month of SEO services from a mid-range to high-end SEO service provider.

Is Backlink Beast recommended?

So, to be honest I haven’t been doing SEO for about a year or so now because I have been focusing on other things. But I still read up on it and I know a lot of people doing 6, 7 and yes even 8 figures a year with SEO.

Fact is that no link building is 100% “white hat” so long as it is being done to improve your rankings so I’m not somebody who will tell you that anything is 100% safe.

That said, everybody I know who makes a killing in SEO used automated tools, often in conjuncture with employees to run the software, but of course it is quite easy to use so you can certainly run it yourself.

SEO can be extremely lucrative, but you need to look at it for what it is a way to make money that has risks involved. There is no guarantee that any links whether they are built manually or with tools will still be respected by the search engines next year or even tomorrow. That’s just a risk you take in the SEO biz, no matter what your strategy is or what tools you use.

So if you are an established SEO practitioner then you are probably already using Backlink Beast… Since you probably have a decent budget and try out new tools all the time. That’s what I used to do and what most people who are successful in SEO do, you’ve just got to try everything out to see what works best.

If you are new to SEO then this would be a good place to get started, definitely, have fun! Click Here to get your copy of Backlink Beast . . .