Matt Carter’s E-Wealth Blueprint Review



Matt Carter’s E-Wealth Blueprint, What’s The Dealy- Yo?

Matt Carter’s new course teaches you how to set up sites to collect leads that you can then turn around and sell to business owners who want leads. In essence, it’s a pretty simple idea, but as he explains it can be quite profitable, and once these sitres are set up they basically run on auto-pilot. The course walks you through all the basic ions-and-outs of this business model, from selecting the right niche, to setting up the site, to finding business owners eager to through big bucks at you for your leads. It also includes a WordPress Theme, Matt’s  “Money Magnet Theme” which allows your site to have the same basic set up that Matt has used profitably…Oh, and you also get instruction on getting search engine traffic. However, according to the program you don’t need a lot of traffic to make this model work. How little traffic do you need? How about 30 visitors a day! Yep, practically none. That’s why Matt is calling this his 30 Clicks for $2000 System…

Am I Recommending The E-Wealth Blueprint program?

I’m a fan of Matt’s and have learned a lot from him. While setting up little sites to capture leads is not part of my current business model it definitely is something that works, and is pretty easy to get started with… After all Matt is giving you a proven WP theme and all the info you need to get up and running. I’d even think that it would be pretty easy to get MORE than 30 visitors a day using Matt’s traffic system. The guy knows what he is talking about with SEO and traffic generation, no doubt about it.

This strikes me as a very good course for somebody looking to get started making full time money online… More advanced marketers could also easily have a VA set this up for them and then just kick back with a new auto-pilot arm of their biz… Matt’s stuff is on point.