Ryan Deiss’ Authority ROI Review – Is Blogging Stupid?

What is Ryan Deiss’ new Authority ROI program all about – and is blogging really broken and stupid?

I remember, a few years back when I first got into internet marketing. I got really exciting because I got a chance to talk on the telephone for a few minutes with a “professional 7 figure a year marketer”… This was a big deal to me at the time. And – one of the questions that I asked the guy was: “what programs should I study to learn how to have a successful IM business??”

He told me to check out Ryan Deiss.

A few years later, things are going good, and I have learned a lot from following Ryan. And – if a “newbie” or newer IMer asked me who to follow, I’d recommend Ryan too. The guy is smart as $%&# when it comes to marketing.

That said, let’s talk Authority ROI…

If you are reading this you probably already have heard a lot about it, so I won’t go over every detail. Basically, you learn Ryan’s proven system for building high traffic, authority web properties. We can call them “Authority Digital Properties” if we want to sound fancy, but we are talking about websites.

According to Ryan, the blogging business model is broken and anyone thinking about starting a blog for the purpose of generating revenue and building a business should instead think about building an authority property.

This makes sense. I freakin’ HATE blogging myself, and I don’t know any “bloggers” who use blogging as their main business model and make any kind of decent money.

I do however know several “authority blog” owners who do quite nicely.

Anyhow, Authority ROI makes the process of getting an authority site going simple. It’s cool because as Ryan explains it you don’t need to build the site yourself, write the content, or do any weird junk to try to trick the search engines into liking you. Instead, you get free, endorsed traffic and social buzz from your writers. And the fact that you are publishing articles from authors with authority get’s you mad search engine love. (Plus the Authority ROI website structure and content silos help with this too…)

The course includes access to the authority website owners community, exclusive access to Ryan and his team, insider info on the best offers to promote, all Ryan’s best outsourcers, themes, structures, plug ins, build out specs, and exactly how to find and hire authoritative writers to produce your content for PEANUTS!

Is Authority ROI Recommended?


There are a lot of different kinds of online businesses. I know people who just run PPC traffic to CPA offers and don’t even have website, and they do amazing. Other people just do YouTube and do okay…

That said, if your business model involves having websites (and most internet business models do) then having an authority property beats the heck out of having a blog.

That, and I’ve never seen anything from Ryan Deiss that wasn’t extremely, extremely worthwhile.

Best part – you’ll learn how to stop grinding away doing grunt work, and start spending your time on high leverage tasks that can actually make you business grow exponentially. Click Here To Get Authority ROI …