Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review – Jeff Johnson is a BADASS!

What is the story on Jeff Johnson’s Tube Traffic Secrets?

If you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you have already heard quite a bit about the new Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 course from IM super-ninja Jeff Johnson… As you can imagine we are on a lot of the top IM guys email lists and they are all promoting this thing. But, let’s be honest, most of those dudes will promote all kinds of things so it is good to get another opinion…

So- Tube Traffic Secrets is all about getting mega-traffic from everybody’s favorite traffic source… YouTube. The program itself isn’t that hard to explain, or to wrap your head around. Basically, Jeff just shows you how to get traffic from YouTube. But, that in itself is pretty dang cool if you ask me, since how the heck are you supposed to make any money online without traffic?

So, to answer the question, Tube Traffic Secrets is a full-on training course about getting YouTube traffic, which many would agree is some of the best, cheapest (free), and easiest traffic to get, lots of.

Our Recommendation on Tube Traffic Secrets…

Jeff Johnson is a badass.

Yep, the guy is not only a super cool individual, but he also is a superstar internet marketer, and a great teacher. His course is as you would expect also top-notch because frankly he wouldn’t put his name on it if it wasn’t and if you have seen his free training videos that he put out leading up to the Tube Traffic Secrets launch then you have seen that he has put a TON of work into creating this course.

Bottom line:

Jeff’s Youtube techniques work… We use them and we do very well with them. In my personal opinion if you aren’t using YouTube for traffic… well I have no idea what you are doing!

Maybe if you are a product owner with a ton of affiliates sending you traffic, or if you are heavily into paid traffic then you can skip Youtube, but otherwise, Youtube is the place to be focusing on right now…

And Jeff’s program smokes all the little crappy products on YouTube that others have put out… This will definitely be THE definitive guide to¬†YouTube for a long time to come… here’s the link to grab it now!