WP PIpeline Review – Is It Necessary?

Briefly, what is WP Pipeline, and why  is it necessary?

WP Pipeline is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to manage all of your WordPress blogs via a single interface. You can see if any of your blogs are down, and ensure that all of you blogs are up to date with their WP installations, plugin updates, theme updates etc… Additionally, you can clone your blogs, back up your blogs, and install themes and plugins across as many of your blogs as you want all at once, with just a mouse click or two… So you could say that WP PIpeline does a lot.

Necessary? Well, what do you think… The fact is that if you aren’t keeping up to date on this security stuff then it’s pretty darn easy for a hacker to come along and just hijack your site and use it to do all sorts of nasty things that can basically take it off the proverbial map – permanently. So that would suck, right?

If you are making money with your sites, or if you plan to some day, or even if they are just hobby sites that you want to keep safe, then I’d definitely recommend taking the necessary procautions. There are some other cool features to WP Pipeline that are really handy and will save you a lot of time so I’d consider those pretty necessary too, if you value your time.

Is WP Pipeline recommended?

Clearly, yes it is recommended. The prove of the program is minor compared to what it can do for you as far as keeping you safe and allowing you to manage your sites efficently. Here’s your link to snatch up a copy of WP Pipeline.